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Claw machine simulator, for andoid & web

Unity 3D

2015-08-16 23:36:24 by Lenke


Thinking in a new game

2015-02-26 07:27:30 by Lenke

What kind of game I could make, I have to think... 

A game for me or a game for you?



I have 1,000 game Reviews!

2014-11-14 09:31:40 by Lenke

Yeah! I'm popular. xD!

The feedback is too important to me, is what say what I have to improve, is the meter of my moral to make videogames, is what can make better my videogames, is what can make I made my videogames in less time.

If there were no reviews, I probably be so sad, because I make games just for fun and the feedback is my food to keep making video games. ;)


process of creating a game

2014-11-02 11:16:05 by Lenke


Demon Blood

2014-10-26 13:30:45 by Lenke

This game is so Dark & Annoying... xD!
It could have been darker but I had some nightmares that put me a stop in my ambitions...

This is an original idea made by me, well "original" in fact is the typical satanic sect that want to bring a demon into life...



Thinking on Halloween ...

2014-09-05 19:54:59 by Lenke

Well you know I like to make fast and crappy games but the Horror games ohly S***, I try to make other types of games but the people only like my horror games, HAHAHAHAHAHAHaHAHA I'm cursed !
Don't worry I probably will make no blood mode xD!


I'm Making a lot of shitty games

2014-08-07 16:41:22 by Lenke

Well the true is as mochimedia(a site were you can distribute your games) died, I was looking for a new site. so I discovered a site(FGL) where you can show your games to sponsors and they can purchase it... So you will have money at the cost of selling the rights of your game(what means that maybe can't publish it in NG or Kongregate or others)So I made like 4 games (3 in 48 hs pretty shit games) and other in a week, but the people never(? play it o-o

because they are there waiting for an offer.


I laugh when a sponsor give me $100 for a game that I made in 48 HS (10 really with luck). So I accept it because I need the money to buy my medicine & other drugs to keep making crappy & creepy games xD! 

So well, now I'm waiting if some one buy my games, because with that games I only would win like $2 xD! and you really don't lose nothing because they are crappy games :/

But I'm working in a serious game Now (Logic + action). And I'm thinking in a new horror game like "The CreepMan" some tale from the deep web or "in the cave of the yeti" :O


I have two games in the Front Page !!



even if I don't have idea of why "jeff the Killer" is feactured recently... 

Pico's nightmare

2014-04-26 16:25:39 by Lenke

Yes this game is a nightmare... xD!
well, I started late...
anyway, I don't know what to say to this...
can someone review my game??'

is for M +16 because of some of blood and that stuff...